Actress/Model/TV Personality/Award-winning Scream Queen, Janet Jay

Janet Jay and her alter ego, Janet Decay have been rather popular staples at film festivals and conventions over the passed year.  She is also a talented actress, model, Tv personality, and award-winning Scream Queen who owns her nerdom.  I’m also happy to count her among the awesome friends I’ve met in the industry.  Read on to find out more about this lovely lady and the rather fascinating story behind Daughter of Ghoul, Janet Decay.  And if you stick around til the end you get to see an exclusive never released before photo!
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MU:  So we are here with the lovely Janet Jay.  First tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be in the insanity known as the entertainment industry.
JJ: Thanks Lovely Tiffany!
Well, I must start off with, I never imagined myself to be in this industry, people fantasize about it but I never thought I could do it. Originally I wanted to do something with art and as a kid I was a really shy kid with anxiety who would just watch cartoons and draw pictures, play Nintendo. Most actors say they started out in theater  but I never did, although once I was a puppeteer in high school for a performance group called “kids on the Block”. Half way through college I gave up on art and tried linguistics but then ran out of funds to finish school so decided to work full time and try to pay off bills. Didn’t really get into “the biz” until about 2008 when local actors on My Space befriended me because they liked my costumes that I made, and was asked if I wanted to be an extra for local indie projects. So then I would spend my weekends being a vampire or zombie or club patron for this thing and that, so I suppose “the bug” bit me back then, because now I love acting and modeling more than anything… except Nintendo because I knew him first!

MU:  Now you’re a model, actress, and TV personality.  Is there one you find more creatively full filling than the other?

JJ:  Ha good one! Honestly I love it all. They are all creative outlets that lift my spirits, but it seems lately I’m having more success with doing the TV gigs because it’ ongoing, it’s free to watch, and been getting noticed more. With the TV horror hosting we’re keeping a tradition alive, and people remember the classic great hosts they would watch as kids, gives ya that nostalgic familiar fuzzy feeling.

MU: Now you seem to have a split personality, the other one being someone named Janet Decay.  Care to let her speak and tell her story?

JJ:  Oh my, yes on top of growing up as a shy nerd I also have identity issues:) Janet Decay, my character originally started in 2010 when I created a mummy costume for a local zombie walk because mummies are way old school, the original cursed undead, but back then she didn’t have a name and I didn’t give her one until 2012 when I was writing movie reviews for a friends’ site, but that gig fell south and I don’t write for them anymore, although I wish them the best.
Anyways Decay’s back story, yeah. She was a silent film actress in California that was involved in occult and morbid things. She would take on film rolls that other actresses turned down and was trying to work her way up. On the set of a Cleopatra film she was supposed to climb out of a sarcophagus and haunt Cleopatra as a mummy, but other actors conspired against her and Decay was sealed up in the sarcophagus, but before she took her last breath, she cursed the whole cast and crew. Shortly after that,one by one there were people dying of mysterious illnesses and the studio was shut down.

Fast forward about a hundred years, antique dealers and collectors raid the old studio and awake Decay, after coming back from the dead she realized zombies and dead things were popular and even the undead needed jobs so DMK Productions hired her as the new Daughter of the Ghoul hostess.
So I guess you could say Decay’s after life is doing better than her old one. She’s been spotted at horror conventions also.

MU:  There have been numerous debates on the Scream Queen title and if it benefits someone or hurts their career or whether or not it’s degrading, the list goes on.  Now being that you were the 2012 Winner of the Scream Queen Competition at Horror Hotel Film Festival and Convention, what are your views on being called a Scream Queen and some of the debates surrounding it?

JJ:  Well I must say, The Scream Queen title may be the only thing I win, and it was an honor and felt really awesome to earn it. There’s a cult following in the horror community and the fandom is huge so I will always appreciate fans and supporters, but I do feel like it can put a hindrance on a career especially if you’d like to work in other genre’s the casting directors and talent agencies only see you as that scream queen spooky chick and I’ve been turned down because of that stereotype and my overall weird look I suppose. Even when I try to look “normal” maybe I still give off a strange aura,lol.
So, I’m hoping to continue working with the Indie horror community, and stay where I feel most welcome, but I accept almost all offers from all genres.

MU:   I asked this question in previous interviews, but I’m interested getting others’ viewpoints on it as well. The mainstream media tends to saturate us with the stories of “overnight successes” with all the reality tv ‘stars,’ American Idols, and the ‘cinderella stories’ of how “so and so became an overnight sensation in a matter of five minutes.” Would you say that such articles and stories tend to give (especially) young people trying to break into the industry a sort of false hope and distorted view as to how the industry really works?

JJ: Oh most likely, young people will see those horrible reality shows and think they can be overnight stars when in all honesty you have a better chance of being struck by lightning. Those reality shows are all scripted anyways and some of them are unbearable, it’s like an endurance run to try to watch one beginning to end. What makes me really bothered by these bad shows is that most of these people have no talent and it’s all about image, and you know in another few years no one will care about a “snooki” or a” hunny boo boo”, but a hundred years later people still know who Bela Lugosi and Greta Garbo are.


MU: You are also into cosplay, video games, and all kinds of other cool nerd activities.  Do you prefer the old school games (atari, nintendo) or the newer things that are out now?

JJ: The past few years I’ve been very picky with what new video games I buy because the new ones just aren’t as good. I have an Xbox 360 but never sign in to live or really spend much time playing it. HD graphics don’t really matter if the game is all dark and drab and all them are first person shooters that look the same. I’ve been big on hand held gaming like Nintendo 3DS, old school gameboy, and of course the classics like Atari, N 64,Sega Saturn, etc. I find myself going back and trying to beat the games I couldn’t finish as a kid. The hubby and I do video game and arcade game nights with friends. Beer and retro gaming it’s always a win.


MU: What’s coming up for you?  Plug away here!

JJ: Ha Ha! Okay. Well you can watch the Daughter of The Ghoul Show from anywhere now on these cool sites: under the daughter of the ghoul tab) the daughter of the ghoul tab)

I’m also hoping that Revenge of the Spacemen will be done soon, and am working on a few other film projects but it’s still kinda secret at the moment. There’s also more photo shoots lined up.
My website was taken down recently but you can find me on these sites:
Thanks again Tiffany!



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