Celtic Fusion Musical Act, Ghost Estate


I met Celtic Fusion musical act, Ghost Estate last September when we were part of a concert line up.  I was immediately drawn to their combination of traditional folk, electronica, dark wave, and gothic rock.  I sat down with them for a chat on their influences, their views on things like promoting on the internet, and the entertainment world in general.  At the end of the interview, they performed an acoustic version of their new song, “Selkie.”  Check them out!

Check out the interview in two parts at the Entertainment’s Underworld Podcast Page

Or click on the videos below!

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ABOUT THE INTERVIEWER:  Tiffany Apan is an award winning and acclaimed independent recording artist along with being a stage/film actress, producer, and writer.  You can find more about her at her Official Website , Web Blog, MySpace , Twitter , and Facebook She can also be found on IMDb and her music releases on CDBaby along with iTunes, Amazon, and other digital retailers.  She also writes for the publications Rogue Cinema and Horrornews.netShe is also responsible for starting up the Music’s Underworld Webzine .