Horror Hotel Interviews: Tim Gross, Travis Bowen, Joe Mohn


As a guest at Horror Hotel, I was able to catch up with some more of my indie film colleagues.  Tim Gross and I had a great chat about his new book, “Big Ass Book of Gross Movie Reviews” and the independent industry.  I then caught up with my friend and director in “The Girl” and “Hollow Earth,” Travis Bowen and Joe Mohn (writer of “The Girl” and director of “Night of the Cannibals.”  Check out their video interviews!

ABOUT THE INTERVIEWER:  Tiffany Apan is an award winning and acclaimed independent recording artist along with being a stage/film actress, producer, and writer.  You can find more about her at her Official Website , Web Blog, MySpace , Twitter , and Facebook She can also be found on IMDb and her music releases on CDBaby along with iTunes, Amazon, and other digital retailers.  She also writes for the publications Rogue Cinema and Horrornews.netShe is also responsible for starting up the Music’s Underworld Webzine .